How to Retain Youthful Skin

 How to Retain Youthful Skin

It is now getting more and more demanding to have a healthy and youthful skin. Everyone is placing huge importance on skincare and a lot of research has found ways on how to unlock the best possible skin. People spend a lot of money for products which focus on getting that glow and radiance to the skin. In this pursuit, supplements and creams like NAD Lotions have proved to be a strong example for the perfect skin. However, there are natural ways as well as recommended by dermatologists which bring fruitful results. They are listed below.


1-  Exfoliate

Many skin specialists place exfoliation as the top priority. However, there is no need to use a strong scrub or a rough cloth. Instead, a light exfoliator if used daily, will do the trick. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells on the face which leads to a bright complexion. Moreover, a good exfoliator also helps in smoothening the skin and it’s texture.


2-  Start taking collagen supplement

Collagen is a famous protein which is abundantly found in the skin. As the age increases, this protein reduces in amount which is the reason for the deterioration of skin in old age and the onset of wrinkles. The supplements of collagen are widely available in the market and they are loaded with amino acids. These amino acids enhance the skin dramatically. It initiates the process to make new collagen in the body which leads to firmer and brighter skin. Collagen is also notable for inducing the skin renewal process.


3-  Consume healthy fats

Healthy fats are found in avocados, olive oil, salmon, nuts, eggs and flaxseed. These fats produce stronger and healthier cell membranes so that the skin is shielded from the harmful ultraviolet radiation and environmental harm. Doctors agree that not eating important healthy fats will lead to dry skin and hair.

Therefore, remember to incorporate this nutrient in your everyday diet.


4-  Have a facial massage routine

A good facial massage is especially needed and useful in old age. This is because it reduces tension in the skin while improving the blood circulation in the face which leads to strong skin. Not only is facial massage a fun thing but it


enhances your skin to a great extent. The glow which is achieved after every massage is the proof of its benefits.


5-  Consume Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for the health of skin apart from NMN and NAD+ which is found in Renue Skincare Lotion. This vitamin is suitable for all skin types and it actively works for the brightening of skin.

Moreover, it produces collagen and makes the skin more elastic. Using Vitamin C will protect the skin from environmental damage and hyperpigmentation.


6-  Start exercising

Working out, indulging in sports or simply exercising has a lot of advantages for the body and skin. Exercise improves the blood circulation in the body which leads to a healthy skin. Moreover, a fast supply of nutrients, minerals and oxygen will be delivered to the face.